The lovely Kavitha, from Red Bohemia has invited me to join in this interesting and fun project. I was just enjoying reading about her writing process one day – when, BAM! To my surprise… I saw my name mentioned on her blog post! She’s asked me to blog about my own writing process. I’m honored she would ask – so here it goes:


Uh, oh. You’re asking this of someone who is famous for doing several things at the same time… I get easily distracted – so I really have to concentrate to complete a task. Ok… So, I’m looking at my to do list. Shoot. I realize I’ve got a few fires burning… I need to put out one by one. First on the list is to (finally) finish a couple of blog posts – one is entitled “A Walk in Montmartre: Off-the-Beaten-Path;” the other, “Top 13 Peruvian Dishes You Must Try Before… You Eat a Guinea Pig.”

Aside from that, I’m testing out some world cuisine recipes & taking (read: learning how to take) food photos for various posts under the Cook.Eat’ category on my blog. I’m also trying to keep up with my hate-love relationship with social media, and… I’ll stop there lest I bore the heck out of you with more – but you get the picture 😉


Hmmm… Let’s see. I think the simple answer is that I just try to be myself. We are all unique in our own way. As far as content – my blog is quite new, but my goal is to combine my love of travel with my love of food – specifically, cooking. I have a dedicated section just for food – I’ve shared a few recipes so far, and I will be sharing more in the future.


Because I have nothing better to do, and I have a ton of time in my hands. No, that’s an absolute lie! Actually, it’s because the pay is amazing! I’m really fattening up that travel bank account 😉

No, seriously, I started this blog as a personal project. I do this because I love it. It’s where I reflect on my travels, experiences, on what I’ve seen and learned about our amazing world – and the people that come along with it. I also wanted to share my passions – Travel . Photography . Food – with whoever is curious about what’s beyond their own borders and inspire them to travel, to meet different people and learn from other cultures, and to try and cook and/or taste something new. But, I especially do this so that I can inspire my daughter to want to travel the world and broaden her horizons.


Before I sit down to write, I have everything at hand: my travel journals, my Travel with G notebook, my travel reference books, my photographs, my “travel box” of mementos (where I throw all kinds of things (crap) I’ve collected during my trips – matchboxes, postcards, coasters, maps, pamphlets, etc.).

I prefer to write at my desk, surrounded by my books. I tend to write a draft on my TWG notebook first using any of my favorite fountain pens. Oh, I also have to have some sort of beverage next to me: coffee/tea/water – wine. Background music is a must. I write day or night. But if I’m writing during the day – I’m usually wearing my writer’s clothes – yoga pants & over-sized top. (You might have noticed by now I am a type-A personality… and maybe a bit weird).

Where do I get my ideas for a post? When I first started my blog, I made a list of all the countries & cities to which I’ve traveled and where I’ve lived. I keep that list earmarked on my precious Moleskin notebook – and refer to it all the time.

I claimed an unused space in my house & had a friend build me the shelves.

Also, one night, with the aid of a particularly delicious Cabernet Sauvignon, I went to my blog and started adding a dizzying number of titles for future posts. I saved them as “drafts” so only I can see them. So now, I essentially have dozens of blank pages with titles waiting to be developed.

I have to confess, though, that while the above sounds so orderly, my brain is not so obedient at times. When I get a random idea – I have to go with it. Then I just go through my photos, my travel box, and my notebook for further inspiration – and start writing.

It will generally take me about 4 hours to write a post. Sometimes more. Whatever the case, I always let it sit overnight – before I do the final review. And then, when it’s all finished, I press the publish button. And… Ta daaaaa! Nothing happens! And life goes on 🙂


That’s all folks! So, now comes the time to hand over the torch to other bloggers. Here are 3 of the several blogs that I’m enjoying reading – I would love to learn about the authors’ writing process:

Vicky from Buddy the Traveling Monkey : I connected with Vicky through IG – she travels with her little pet monkey. (He’s cute, even if he’s stuffed). I like the way she writes & we both share the desire to learn about different cultures and see the world!

Morgan from Travel Morgan Travel : Morgan loves Ireland as much (maybe more) than I do. I recently started reading up on her adventures and I love her enthusiasm – and she’s funny. Also, she’s awesome about posting very often on her blog – something I need to learn from her!

Matt & Jenn from Two Weeks in Costa Rica : They’re are a Boston couple who quit their jobs and moved to Costa Rica. I’ve been enjoying reading their book “Two Weeks in Costa Rica,” and I‘m using their beautiful website and book for my upcoming trip to CR at the beginning of 2015!

This was fun! Thanks, Kavitha. I’m glad we connected 🙂

Cheers, G.