This is my ever-growing list of trains. The ones not crossed out are some train rides I’d really like to take. This list will be a post in the future. I’ll be writing more specifics about each train and adding photographs for travel inspiration. For now, it’s just a basic list, like a bucket list, if you will (although I don’t like that term at all).

This is not a comprehensive list; I’ve only listed the train rides that I really remember being a great experience.

What are your favorite train rides? Would you recommend any to me that are not on this list? I’d love to know.



List, in no particular order:

♣ Ronda (southern Spain) to Algeciras (Very scenic. Also, easy to catch ferry from Algeciras to Morocco)

♣ Tangier to Fez (Morocco)

♣ Trans-Mongolian railway route (Moscow – Beijing)

Royal Gorge, Cañon City (Oldest scenic railroad in Colordado)

♣ Trans-Siberian. Moscow to Russia’s East coast, Vladivostok (World’s longest train route)

♣ Rocky Mountaineer (Vancouver to Calgary; combination with car  hire)

Lima – Huancayo, Peru (2nd highest railway in the world)

♣ Venice Simplon-Orient Express

Puno (Lake Titicaca) to Cuzco

Cuzco to Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu)

♣ Cuzco to Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu) – on the luxury train, Hiram Bingham. Maybe. It’s ridiculously expensive.

  Colorado Cog Railway (Highest cog railway in the world)

♣ Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway

♣ California Zephyr (Chicago or Denver to San Francisco)

The Ghan, Australia

Flamsbana, Norway (One of the steepest trainlines in the world)

♣ Oslo – Bergen, Norway (highest altitude train route in Europe)

 Colorado Georgetown Loop (1884; 3-foot narrow gauge railroad)

♣ Paris – Amsterdam on the Thalys (high-speed international train) (Took the looong train, by mistake, one time. Hmmm… Maybe this is one train I wouldn’t take again)

Paris to Aix-en-Provence. 3 hrs; gorgeous views; bar car 🙂

Madrid – Sevilla (on the fast AVE)

Al Andalus Express. (7-day round-trip to explore Andalusian region of Spain, either Madrid or Seville)

 Cascais to Lisbon. (Very scenic, along the coast. 45 minutes each way)

♣ The Blue Train. South Africa (Cape Town – Johannesburg)

Santa Fe, New Mexico. 3-hr ride; dinner