These are some photos I took from one of the canal boats in Copenhagen. This is an easy and relaxed way to see the city’s architecture and enjoy the harbor views all year round, especially if, say, you arrive to the city in the middle of the day, a bit jet-lagged, or if you have extra time to kill (I doubt it) during your travels in Copenhagen.

In the summer and spring, the boats are open; in the fall and winter, they are usually covered by glass roofs and some even have heaters. The prices are reasonable – this is an experience I would definitely recommend. As you float along Nyhavn and the Harbor, you’ll get a feel as to how Danish people enjoy the outdoors, particularly the water. There are two major companies that will take you along for the ride: Canaltours and Netto Badene.

You can view the slideshow above or click on one of the photos below to start viewing.